I highly recommend watching leading "anti-vaxxer" Del Bigtree debate Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Decide for yourself who seems more credible. https://thehighwire.com

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While I appreaciate that preterm is very serious. I think we need to take a crash course in statistics.

The difference is not statistically significant. What does that mean? Well if you don't know and haven't run the statistical analysis - TTEST, Fisher's exact test etc. You really shouldn't be making conclusions that would be invalidate by such tests.

Anyway I ran some tests and the difference (p value of 0.16) means you can't tell that the difference is due to the variable (vaccination) with any sort of certainty

I just saw a Neil deGrasse talk and his musing on the failure of most people to understand data analysis, statistics and probability was hilarious. I suggest you check it out in Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization

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Thank you for this thorough analysis. I have a few questions: RSV lands children in the hospital but what is the infection fatality rate and does it leave serious results? In other words, can we quantify the real benefit of this vaccine?`

In terms of risk, all vaccines are meant to modify the immune system for a fairly long period of time. So shouldn't the risk of this shot be rigorously studied especially since it is being given to pregnant women? ( Who used to be told not even to have one glass of wine a week!). Can we rule out that the vaccine could effect fetal development?

I would think that a very large, long term study should be done to compare the vaccinated children to the unvaccinated children in terms of overall health, including ADHD, autism diagnoses etc. (Of course this type of long term study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children is not done for any vaccine)

You mention that pre term births were higher in the vaccinated group! That is a serious signal as you say with potentially long term consequences.

Sadly vaccine are big business and Pharma is very good at selling its products. The industry has captured the regulators and Fox is guarding the hen house.

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